Bingo and Comics: Two Unlikely Pastimes that Have Experienced a Recent Upsurge

Alex Ross new covers for Guardians of the Galaxy # 18 and Savage Hulk # 1

Marc Guggenheim returns to the X-Men for Marvel

full moon, new moon

Bingo and Comics: Two Unlikely Pastimes that Have Experienced a Recent Upsurge

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At first glance, bingo and comic books don’t seem to have that much in common, other than that they were hobbies that were extremely popular in the 1900s. Years ago there were certain stereotypes that people associated with hobbies like bingo and comics, but recently the media has been breaking down the walls that once segregated elderly ladies playing bingo and geeks reading comic books, opening up these pastimes to new groups of people that would normally not associate themselves with such pursuits.

The popularity of online bingo websites grew with the use of social media as marketing ploys. Twitter, Facebook and YouTube suddenly became outlets for promotion and brand recognition. Some gained more media coverage than others with the WhichBingo Awards 2014, such as Iceland Bingo which was hailed as the “Best Boutique Online Bingo Site”. But it wasn’t just the means of mass communication that affected the growth in bingo players, as fans of comic books were also increasing as well.

With shows like “The Big Bang Theory” and Marvel blockbuster hits, comic books have hit record sales while other print media are struggling to maintain their number of monthly readers. Although manager of Salefish Comics in Winston-Salem, North Carolina Adam Casey says that “the only verifiable increase in sales due to a TV show or movie is The Walking Dead”, comic books have attributed so much to pop culture that we’re speculated to be living in a “’multi-media’ geek society”.

The comic book world might still be male-dominate and the bingo realm may still be filled with women, yet media coverage for both hobbies has influenced the female clientele in comic book stores and male players on online bingo sites. The world is unpredictable in terms of upcoming trends and resurgences of fads, and from the looks of it, it won’t be long before bingo and comic books fall into mainstream.

Leo Peyton @ May 27, 2014

Alex Ross new covers for Guardians of the Galaxy # 18 and Savage Hulk # 1

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Alex Ross does not stop to amaze us. We already knew the initiative that Marvel had commissioned Alex Ross to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the publication and we have already featured some earlier covers. Today, under this initiative, we bring you the cover that the artist has signed for, “Savage Hulk # 1″ , the comics will under the talented hands of Alan Davies and will pet the Emerald Giant against X-Men.

However, this is not the only news we bring you today at the hands of Ross. The other news is the galactic team that will go to the big screen this year: the Guardians of the Galaxy . The artist has paid tribute to both classic and modern versions of the team and we see in “Guardians of the Galaxy # 18 “, where we see what happened with Richard Rider , and again we see Star Lord and Thanos of Cancerverso.

Leo Peyton @ May 14, 2014

Marc Guggenheim returns to the X-Men for Marvel

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The writer Marc Guggenheim , leading the series “Arrow” and who worked in comics and Marvel Amazing X-Men and Wolverine returns this August to Marvel and mutants to take on a story that will bring an unexpected visitor. A story in which we see a creepy mystery among the stars.

Your adventure will begin with the number X-Men # 18 with an artist to be announced, to carry into space mutants , a desire that has recognized for some time as comic book reader.

It all begins when the supervillain Deathbird , which in its day was the head of Shi’ar Empire, appears in the peak season SWORD clinging to life. From that moment, the attention of the agent Abigail Brand is set on it. A squad of X-Men, especially women , will travel into the darkness to find answers to some questions and Brand themselves.

That team of mutant females is the same as Brian Wood left with Monet, Jubilee, Storm, and Rachel Grey Psylocke / Psylocke. For example, the writer hopes to delve into the dynamics between Rachel and Psylocke because of his powers, in addition to also address the complicated relationship that has always existed between the X-Men and the Shi’ar.into space

Leo Peyton @ May 12, 2014

full moon, new moon

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Kudos for Jack Jackson’s Comanche Moon, as they were originally published in the underground comic book, and was later published as a comic book (if I’m not mistaken, in 1979). Jack “Jaxon” Jackson was one of the first underground cartoonists with God Nose (1964). It is also known for its historical comics that documented the lives of American Indians and the history of Texas, his hometown . Jackson committed suicide in 2006 after being diagnosed with cancer.

The comparison between the two images I’ve seen in The Comics Journal 77 (1981), in an article with a panel discussion on censorship in comics in which he participated Jack Jackson, and I’ve seen thanks to access to the complete in digital version to which I have subscribed for just $ 30 a year. I’ve done both to query a theoretical journal of his career and prestige to help in some way to his publisher, Fantagraphics.

Leo Peyton @ May 10, 2014

The Shadow Masters Series

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The shadow 1941: hіtƖer’s astroƖoger soƖd out іmmedіateƖy when іt shіpped showіng the demand for the cƖassіc denny o’neіƖ and mіke kaƖuta story. So dynamіte entertaіnment has not onƖy taken the book back to press for a second prіntіng, but they’re goіng to see іf Ɩіghtnіng wіƖƖ strіke twіce.
A second voƖume has been announced focusіng on the work of andy heƖfer, kyƖe baker and the Ɩate marshaƖƖ rogers. The shadow masters serіes voƖ. 2 coƖƖects the crіtіcaƖƖy accƖaіmed “seven deadƖy fіnns” storyƖіne by heƖfer and baker, as weƖƖ as heƖfer and rogers’ proƖogue “haroƖd goes to washіngton,” іn whіch the shadow races to save presіdent reagan from a most unƖіkeƖy assassіn! CoƖƖectіng іssues #7-13.

Wіth the shadow 1941: hіtƖer’s astroƖoger, the book was re-mastered and avaіƖabƖe for the fіrst tіme іn over two decades!
On easter sunday of aprіƖ 1941, a young woman pushes through the manhattan crowds, racіng for her Ɩіfe. It’s a chase that wіƖƖ Ɩead from the bustƖіng amerіcan metropoƖіs aƖƖ the way to berƖіn, the dark heart of the nazі regіme. Lіke marіonettes dangƖіng from іnvіsіbƖe hands, neіther aƖƖіes nor axіs agents can teƖƖ іf they are the puppeteers… or the doƖƖs whose strіngs get cut. Behіnd іt aƖƖ, the shadow Ɩooms, a master of men wіth coƖd, hoƖƖow Ɩaughter and bƖazіng. 45 pіstoƖs!

Leo Peyton @ March 31, 2014